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McGinty Machine says "thank you"

If you've driven near 47th and Oliver lately, you may've noticed owner Don McGinty's face smiling down at you (and, maybe, even your own if you participated in Spirit's golf tournament last Fall!). At McGinty Machine, we value our relationship with Wichita's aviation community. To show this, we did something big. We put up two billboards to say "thank you" for trusting us as part of a winning team and giving back to our community. 

America Flies

Here at McGinty, we have enjoyed a quality workforce and dedicated workers in Wichita.  We take pride in the fact there is a strong aviation cluster in Wichita.
And let’s face it, the United States needs as many manufacturing jobs as we can get. There are many aviation jobs leaving the country. We want to keep aviation strong. We also believe our military planes and parts should be manufactured here in the United States.
To help in that effort, one of our Kansas lawmakers, U.S. Republican House of Representatives member Mike Pompeo, is putting his leadership and passion behind the web site americaflies.us.
Wichita has enjoyed a spectacularly successful aviation cluster with a track record of unparalleled success. Let’s do what we can to let everyone know how important aviation is to our economy both in Kansas and in the United States.
So click on the link and get involved.
Thanks for helping make McGinty Machine and Kansas Aviation stay strong.


The Wichita Aero Club recognized Jeff Turner, CEO of Spirit AeroSystems, with the second Wichita Aero Club trophy. Turner's deep connections to the Wichita community and efforts in advancing the aerospace industry in Kansas earned him the trophy. At McGinty Machine, we are glad to see our local outstanding business practices being recognized in the aviation community and extend a big "congratulations" to Turner and Spirit AeroSystems!
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