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Manufacturing Awards: McGinty Machine riding the ups and downs of aviation


Article by Daniel McCoy, Wichita Business Journal / Courtesy photo
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Change isn’t always the easiest proposition, but it’s often necessary to move forward.

For McGinty Machine Co. Inc., it was the realization that change was needed that has helped grow the company’s footprint and add to its long-term stability.

It’s a stability enabled by the company’s ability to roll with the ebb and flows of the aviation manufacturing industry.

When times were tight following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the company was able to move into the tooling and equipment sector.

As the industry began to rebound in mid-2000s, the company began to create a niche for itself as a blue-streak (expedited work) shop.

The latest iteration of change for McGinty has actually been an addition.

The company has begun a new long-term contracts division in about 20,000 square feet of space company president Don McGinty purchased from Big Dog Motorcycles.

“We wanted to get into more long-term production work that would create a foundation you could count on,” says McGinty.

In all, the company has spent about $5 million already on the project, which includes new equipment that makes the operation as automated as possible.

The equipment has been purchased for existing contracts, but McGinty says having it in-house means he can chase more work.

While the company’s new location — where it still has about 15,000 square feet of open space to grow in — will focus on the long-term work, its headquarters location at 222 N. Hydraulic will continue to focus on the quick-turn, blue-streak work.

McGinty’s expansion has won him praise from more than just his customers.

He has often cited Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts for helping make the project work.

In turn, Brownback said during a September visit to McGinty’s shop the project was a tangible example of how his cuts were intended to stimulate business.

“The key to it is having guys like Don to go out and get the business and invest the capital,” Brownback said.

And there is more growth expected at McGinty as new work helps fill the new space.

McGinty says that should translate to another 15 or 20 additional workers over the next three to five years.

And with every addition, in equipment or skilled labor, the shop can take on even more.

“It all allows us to be more competitive in the market,” he says.

McGinty Machine

Year founded: 1948.

Address: 222 N. Hydraulic St., Wichita.

CEO: Don McGinty.

Employees: 50.

What they make: Aerospace parts.