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McGinty Machine passionate about community

Article by Julie Conner, Wichita Business Journal/Courtesy Photo

McGinty Machine Company president and owner Don McGinty was born and raised in Wichita. His ties to the city are the basis of his company’s community involvement. “Wichita means a lot to me,” McGinty says. “Things that go on within the city are important.”

Community involvement at McGinty Machine is not only about financial support or volunteer hours. It’s also about being part of the conversation. “McGinty Machine and our employees are rooted in a desire to serve others and help shape the community,” McGinty says. “We enjoy giving back–whether through volunteering, serving on a board, being a member of a local professional organization or sponsoring a charitable event.”

The company supports a number of organizations, including Camp Quality Kids, Wichita Aero Club, Wichita Children’s Home and Kidzcope, Inc.

Director of Communications Melissa McGinty Brown serves as the vice president on the board of directors for Kidzcope. “I was introduced to Kidzcope through my high school youth group, then again in college during a class requiring community service hours,” Brown says. “Through art, expressive and discussion-based activities, grieving children and families learn they’re not alone, to understand their feelings, and to hope again. Witnessing the transformation from the first week of a group to the last week is enough to solidify the need for Kidzcope and continually grow my passion for its programs.”

Don McGinty is equally passionate about his involvement with aviation-related groups. “At McGinty Machine, we manufacture machine parts for aviation, so supporting aviation activities is important to me.”

Brown says the company supports organizations with which they share similar values. “Often, our employees are involved in an organization, and they bring a request to us,” she says. “It’s important to us to support our employees in their community involvement efforts as often as possible.”

McGinty believes that corporate support makes Wichita a better place.

“When corporations are supporting the city and have a commitment to Wichita, they’re more likely to stay in Wichita,” McGinty says. “It’s nice to be recognized as someone who helps the community and organizations to achieve their goals. It’s important for every company to do what they can.”

“Community involvement is something my dad has been passionate about for as long as I can remember —and it’s something he’s always modeled through his actions,” Brown says. “He’s not afraid to be a part of the conversation or put himself out there to help. He loves this place: McGinty Machine, Wichita, all the people and businesses that make up our community. I’m proud of him—and I know he’s proud, too—for being honored for our company’s community involvement.”

Brown continues, “Wichita is our home and has been for 68 years. It’s where we live. It’s where our employees and their families live. It’s where our neighbors and friends live. To not support and give back to our community as a company and as individuals would be a disservice not only to Wichita, but also to those we care about most.”