Capacity Suppliers

Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees do you have?[+]

Our team is made up of approximately 50 individuals on two shifts. Of these, 70 percent are direct employees, while 30 percent are indirect support employees. Contact us for a breakdown of our employees by department.

What equipment do you have and what condition is it in?[+]

We have a variety of 3-, 4- and 5-axis milling machines, as well as quality inspection equipment. The average age of our machines is seven years, and all are in good, working condition. A complete list of our machines can be found here.

Are you purchasing any new equipment?[+]

With our expansion into a larger, 55,000-sq.-ft. production facility in 2014, we have added a number of new milling machines powered by leading-edge equipment manufacturers, such as Haas and Okuma.

What are your expansion plans?[+]

We recently expanded into 55,000 sq. ft. of the former Big Dog Motorcycle facility between 1st and Douglas off of Hydraulic. This facility will focus on longer term production, while our current facility will remain predominantly bluestreak work.

Are you ITAR certified?[+]

We are ITAR certified and renew this annually.

What is your current version of CATIA?[+]

Our current version is CATIA V5-6R:20182.

Are you model-based definition or digital product definition certified?[+]

We are MBD/DPD certified with both Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems.

What are your performance trends?[+]

We track both on-time delivery and quality rating for each customer. For specific information, please contact us.