Capacity Suppliers


At McGinty Machine, quality means doing it right the first time. Our goal is to pursue the highest quality possible—perfection.

We make sure we use only the very best material and hire only the most experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our quality department performs routine internal audits and continuously improves our processes to guarantee we do and are the best.

Our quality management system is currently certified to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 + AS9100D.


McGinty Machine is approved by the following OEMs:

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Quality System

  • OASIS Identification Number: 6122427905 • ISO 9001:2015 + AS9100D

Boeing Approvals

  • D6-51991 – Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition at Boeing Suppliers

Spirit Aerosystems Approvals

  • MAA1-10009-1 – Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition at Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Suppliers

Lockheed Martin Approvals

  • LMA-PC009 – Conductivity Testing

  • NDTS-1500/1501 – Hardness Testing

  • NDTS-1500/1502 – Conductivity Testing

Bombardier Approvals

  • BAPS 168-013 – Hardness and Electrical Conductivity

    Limitations: Hardness Testing limited to Rockwell Testing Only

  • BAPS 151-001 – Installation of Conventional Rivets

    Limitations: Manual Riveting Only

  • BAPS 145-002 – Electrical Bonding

    Limitations: Surface Preparation, 9.1.1 Fay Surface, 9.1.2 Attachment Fastener, 9.1.3 Interference Fit Fasteners, and Metal to Metal Only

  • BAPS 175-004 – Retention of Bearings by Press Swaging

    Limitations: Roller Swaging Only

  • BAPS 175-005 – Installation or Interference Fit Bushings

    Limitations: No Heating Process Allowed

  • BAPS 157-028 – Pressure and Environmental Sealing

    Limitations: None

Airbus Approvals

  • AIPS/AIPI 01-01-004 – Installation of Solid Rivets

    Limitations: None

  • AIPS/AIPI 01-02-003 – Preparation of Holes in Metallic Materials for Fastening

    Limitations: Limited to A350 Program Brackets and Minor Assemblies

  • AIPS/AIPI 01-02-017 – General Assembly and Installation of Fasteners

    Limitations: None

  • AIPS/AIPI 03-03-012 – Installation of Bearings Spherical Bearings and Bushes by Swaging

    Limitations: None

  • AIPS/AIPI 05-05-001 – Sealing of Aircraft Structure

    Limitations: Restricted to Minor Assemblies for A350 Section 15

  • AIPS/AIPI 05-05-004 – Wet Installation of Fasteners

    Limitations: None