Capacity Suppliers

The McGinty Advantage

With over 65 years of success under our belts, we’re often asked “how?”. Our secret: a formula derived from our innovative processes, dedicated team and our foundation of truth, integrity and value dating back to 1948. That is our advantage and our promise to our customers. We call it “The McGinty Advantage.”

Focused, Attitude, Pride

We are champions. We stay focused on our customers and on being the best. Our determined attitude and pride reflect this-and carry across all facets of our company.

Quality, Excellence, Value

We are craftsmen. We make quality a top priority, and it’s obvious by our products. We’d like to think we have King Midas? touch when it comes to quality, but we know our excellence comes from our quality department and their quest to add value to each and every product that leaves our shop.

Teamwork, Communication, Responsiveness

We are team players. From our machinists to our executives, we work together to get the job done right the first time.
Our constant communication with one another and with our customers allows us to be responsive and adaptable in our ever-evolving industry.

Vision, Innovation, Lean

We are forward-thinkers. We have a vision and the follow-through to make that vision a reality. We take innovation to the next level with our lean approach that allows us to manufacture some of the most complex aerospace parts.